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February 01, 2006

Splintered reality, the encyclopædia game

In which topic maps are joined with webs of trust to create a game where pocket realities fight for the adoption of their system.

Take a topic map where the topics themselves are empty and without form, having only an arbitrary, meaningless unique identifier.

Take several groups of people, each group of which has a different world-view from the others, and inside which each member is of an independent disposition.

Give each person the ability to create new topics, create and associate a description with any topic, and associate two topics in ways they define (by, of course, creating a topic which defines the relationship and giving it a description).

Have a trust system whereby individuals can rank others in a scale of trustworthiness, and the rankings of one person has an influence (depending on how that person is ranked) on everyone else's trust. Er, that’s poorly described!

The task is to write an encyclopædia, a reference of reality. Will the different groups and individuals create ghetto realities for themselves, ignoring the strange definitions and ontologies of others, or will there be much contest over particular topics. Who trusts whom, and can a majority view take hold, or even consensus develop?

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