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TV hates good teachers

It appears that television shows that have a school as part of their setting have an aversion to “good” teachers. If ever a new or previously unseen teacher comes to the fore as an inspirational, entertaining, wonderful figure, he (it’s always a he) is actually a bad person and will be discredited and shooed off in short order. My personal theory about this is that:

  1. it's not dramatic to have something bad happen to a normal or bad teacher, because no one will take their side in the first place; and
  2. the writers have no idea what a school would look like if such a teacher stuck around and had an influence on the children.

Of course, as far as I can remember I am basing this entirely off an episode of My So-called Life and an epidoe of Veronica Mars, but I would be not at all surprised to find it elsewhere.

Posted by jamie on January 31, 2010 16:20+12:00