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Aurélia’s Oratorio is beautiful.

Oupnek’hat, id est, Secretum tegendum : opus ipsa in India rarissimum, continens antiquam et arcanam, seu theologicam et philosophicam, doctrinam, è quatuor sacris Indorum libris, Rak Beid, Djedjr Beid, Sam Beid, Athrban Beid, excerptam : ad verbum, e Persico idiomate, Samskreticis vocabulis intermixto, in Latinum conversum : dissertationibus et annotationibus, difficiliora explanantibus, illustratum / studio et opera Anquetil Duperron is a translation into Latin, with bits in Greek, of a Persian translation of the Sanskrit Upanishads, in two volumes, published in 1801 and 1802. I want to make my own, physical edition of this (in a single copy). (Actually, I would like to include the Sanskrit and the Persian.)

Shortly after conceiving that notion, it became apparent that it is not easy to find copies of this work. After that, I learned that Canterbury University Library has a copy. Shortly after that, I learnt that their copy is missing. After that, I thought that a simple Sanskrit and English version of eleven of the Upanishads would be a pleasing thing to make. I await the next after.

For further reading, see Introduction to the Upanishads. First Translation of the Upanishads.

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