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On not switching to WordPress

I have just finished trying, for the second or third time, to switch to WordPress for running this blog. I got less far this time, with the latest version, than I did however many months ago I last tried. This time it failed on the import of entries from the current system — and it failed in that most wonderful way, by prompting me to save a file called admin.php (which was empty). Yes, that’s exactly what I like to see from a system which talks about a five-minute install.

Apparently, from what one person has said on the support forum, it’s a memory issue — and the import page does mention that if one gets an out of memory error, one should try something-or-other. But I didn’t get an out of memory error, I got a PHP page to download. I can understand not having ideal behaviour for a problem that one is unaware of, but for something that has been encountered and anticipated? That’s just shoddy.

So, once again, I’m not changing anything.

Posted by jamie on June 22, 2007 19:06+12:00