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Woman to husband, while looking in antique shop’s window: “I wonder if antiques have had their day?”

Posted by jamie on October 10, 2005 16:18+13:00


Yep, it's a joke...(smiles a little, in her antique, condescending way). Speaking from experience, antiques have never had their day. For those with the nous, (and the mouse, with Ebay being such a treasure-mountain) there is money to be made, and quite apart from all that quotidien, next-meal-coming-from stuff, there is something in lovely objects from the past - that aura of time-gone-by, of dreams, of beauty and imaginative connection - which allows the new owner of any rediscovered artefact a sense of recovery/rediscovery of what was otherwise lost. What's the price of that elvishness, huh?

Posted by: Ms Nona Betty Daze on October 12, 2005 14:04+13:00

Please excuse the effusions of my dear friend Nona. She's not sensible, really. I've sent her to lie down with a gin. It's just that she's so old, you see, she's lost all sense of proportion. What does she know about elvishness, I ask you! Samwise Gamgee once saw her cavorting in the forests of Ithilien; hoping for a visit from Beren, or Aragorn even, she was! Too late, just too too late! Anyway, Sam though she was an oliphaunt, and has never really recovered from the experience. We could do with more like her, but it's too too late for that! I'll be asking her to eschew these vain attempts to infuse a little magic into people's blogs when she wakes up.

Posted by: Grace Joy Clutterbuck on October 12, 2005 16:01+13:00

There will be no more of these alarming intrusions upon this geeky blogsite by these disturbing old women. Shoo, you old bats!!!! This is a serious place! I told them this would happen if they ate Jamie Norrish's baking. There's only one end to all this nonsense, and I can't tell you what it is, but, ointment, I said, you need ointment. Never mind dearies, you'll soon grow another one.

Posted by: Morgana the banana on October 12, 2005 16:30+13:00

Quite, quite batty. :)

I wouldn’t have said this was a serious place, though — geeky, yes, dull, mostly, but serious only in as much as it’s work to do non-spontaneous humour. What there is tends to get mixed in with other things, such as cataloguing.

Posted by: Jamie on October 12, 2005 16:50+13:00

I've eaten the three witches. They tasted inconsequential, like cheap scent. Mr Cutter can have my number anytime. I'll eat him too. Just keep it serious, Norrish. Don't try to make jokes on this blog, or you'll find your surname will change to Nourish. You've been warned. Back to Port-colonial literature, my favourite subject in the Whole World! That Beowulf though he'd killed me, but you can't kill me, hahahaha!

Posted by: Grendel's mother on October 13, 2005 09:38+13:00