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Just the excuse I needed

On a conlang discussion forum, someone mentioned the potential usefulness of a reverse sound change applier. Such a thing would take a word and a set of sound change rules, and return a list of all the words which, if they underwent the specified sound changes, would end up as the specified word. This is a good deal more tricky than going the other way!

I immediately figured that I should add such a thing to IPA Zounds. This has necessitated a refactoring of the existing code, which I am still engaged in. In the course of this, I have realised two things:

Once this refactoring is done, I shall add in some form of reverse engine, and then update the GUI. Aside from getting a whizzier looking About page automatically, I can’t see this last part being much fun. I am currently stalled on the dictionary project because of the GUI.

Posted by jamie on October 9, 2005 13:17+13:00