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Too much to say

After worrying that I might not have enough well-prepared material for my lecture (as opposed to enough material, of which there was never doubt), I ended up going a little over time and skipping chunks of the last two sections (of four). I don’t feel that I handled the material I did cover that well, but others think differently — I think I was deceived by the fact that people for the most part stared back at me in what looked remarkably like slack-jawed boredom. I suppose that that lack of response is actually usual in circumstances where the individual members of the audience feel themselves part of an anonymous group, where the group is being talked to and not the individuals. I wish it were otherwise.

Posted by jamie on October 1, 2005 16:51+12:00



Posted by: anonymous blog-reader on October 3, 2005 14:49+13:00

Really, Jamie, you are a one! Slack-jawed boredom indeed! I would have been happy to hear the whole, unexpurgated lecture. You did seem more nervous than when you gave the lecture about names, though. A delicate shade of green, you were. Perhaps you've lost your lecture-giving innocence. I would have congratulated you on it more fulsomely, but some dude was hugging you. You know my opinion, anyway. You have the makings of a great teacher...blahblahblah. Anyway, I was going to read your essay, when distracted by this stuff. Any excuse to talk...

Posted by: Jane on October 9, 2005 17:45+13:00

Certainly I was more nervous (I wasn’t nervous in the first one), in large part to knowing that I wasn’t as up with the play as I was with the first one. I was adding, removing and rejigging material until late in the piece, and worried about it all getting out of control. That perhaps made me see lack of interest, which meant part of my mind was on that and not on talking.

Thank you for the kind words — it goes to show how hard it is to judge such matters from the speaking end. Maybe you’ll get the full version in article form, one day, if Robert has his way (and I’m certainly not averse to the idea).

Posted by: Jamie on October 9, 2005 18:00+13:00