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Lecture schedule

I will be giving two lectures as part of the Tolkien and Medieval Literature course. These are:

  1. Introductions and identities in The Lord of the Rings, on Monday the 25th of July; and

  2. Tolkien’s construction of Faërie, on Monday the 12th of September.

Both lectures are from 11am till 11:50am and take place in Hugh Mackenzie 206.

Update: The lectures will take place in HM 206.

Posted by jamie on July 2, 2005 17:24+12:00


two lectures is pretty special jamie, congratulations. i shall be there with bells on, especially since i'm in that lecture theatre the previous hour.

Posted by: sue on July 2, 2005 18:24+12:00

I'd love to be there dude (even though I would have no idea what you are going on about)... But then again, do you? :)

Posted by: Shaun on July 6, 2005 09:25+12:00

Break a leg!

Posted by: stephen on July 6, 2005 16:57+12:00

Thanks everyone!

Shaun, I know what I’m going on about, but in my run-through last night with a friend I stopped on a number of occasions, saying “Okay, that’s a terrible way to explain it. Let me start again.” So there’s more work for me to do in terms of getting a fluent delivery!

Posted by: Jamie on July 6, 2005 18:02+12:00

i have a tutorial on mondays at 11 grrrrrrr

Posted by: sue on July 20, 2005 11:08+12:00

Apparently, Sue, you missed a good lecture — I thought it went well, and the feedback was good.

Posted by: Jamie on July 25, 2005 18:43+12:00

i'm glad it went well, but then i'm not surprised, it's very easy to get excited about tolkien the way you talk about him.

Posted by: sue on July 30, 2005 15:35+12:00