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IPA Zounds 2.1 released

Oh yeah. I have just released version 2.1 of IPA Zounds. This fixes some data problems with the X-SAMPA to Unicode IPA converter, and adds in the ability to convert back the other way. It also has a command line option for this to be integrated into the actual sound change process.

This release is in response to a potential user whose speech program can’t cope with Unicode. Ironic, isn’t it, that a program which converts text to speech can’t figure out what IPA characters sound like. Surely, surely that is where you would start, when writing such a thing, so that you can have rules for how to convert the orthographic representation of each language into the IPA, and then have a single sound synthesis process based on that. Really, I don’t know what passes for thinking these days.

May this be the last release for a good long while! Not that I don’t want to fix any problems that might arise, but rather that I want it to not have any such problems. There is more to my life (and this blog in particular) than this one program!

Posted by jamie on November 20, 2004 14:16+13:00