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Ah, commercial web development

So recently I’ve been working on a commercial web development project. As part of this, I’m required to bother with the rendering in Internet Explorer. This is tiresome, because that browser, in any version, is a buggy piece of crap. I particularly like the bug I discovered in version six yesterday, where the width of a block shrinks if you specify a height for it and there is a float on one or both sides of it. I mean really. Add to that people not liking the default font size, and asking to have the stylesheet specify a smaller font size for the body. Would this be punishing the competant while encouraging incompetance? Yes, I think it would. Tsk tsk, don’t do that.

It is consequently understandable that I am very happy about not doing any more of this after this week. I plan to spend summer working only on non-commercial projects of some merit, many of them my own.

Posted by jamie on October 21, 2004 19:47+13:00