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IPA Zounds 1.7 released

I have just released version 1.7 of IPA Zounds. This release fixes a number of serious issues with the GUI (the error handling didn’t work, for a start), discovered thanks to actual feedback from real live users. Well, people who would be users if the software worked, at least. It’s all a bit embarassing, really, though I place some of the blame on the seemingly silly way Python handles a BOM in a UTF-8 string — since I’ve been working with files which don’t have a BOM, I’ve been oblivious to the fact that they are not ignored by Python in string processing.

But anyway, hopefully this release will be usable by more people than just myself, and that all of those who have downloaded it this week in response to my announcement on a conlang bulletin board will get the latest version in order to avoid bitter disappointment.

Posted by jamie on August 20, 2004 20:38+12:00