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What happens next?

That’s the second question that leapt to mind on watching the end credits of the nineteenth and final episode of My so-called life. The first, of course, was “Who was the moron who cancelled this show, and have they been disembowelled yet?” And preceding either of these questions was the opposite of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer season six refrain (“Lame! Lame! That is so lame!”), the awed silence and punctuating whispers of “That is so good”. I mean, we have excellent writing, music and acting (particularly A. J. Langer as Rayanne) — what’s not to like?

Given the demise (with the partial reprieve of at least one movie) of Firefly (see above re morons and disembowelling), I am on the lookout for something equally good. Does anyone have any views on Once and again, or recommendations of other shows (keeping in mind that I have watched relatively little television)?

Posted by jamie on August 17, 2004 18:24+12:00


I'm quite keen on The Insider's Guide To Happiness, but that's no good to you as that's finished now. There's a new series of Six Feet Under coming soon, and The Sopranos is always good for a laugh.

But nothing to compare to Buffy, sadly.

Posted by: Alan on August 18, 2004 08:31+12:00

Have you seen Freaks and Geeks? (Another one that got cancelled early.)

Posted by: iona on August 18, 2004 08:35+12:00

Just to play devil's advocate, the only thing worse than a good show getting canned early is a good show getting milked season after season after season, thereby diluting its pizzazz irrevocably.

Posted by: Jeremy on August 18, 2004 20:42+12:00

Indeed, Jeremy, though it would be nice if a show got the chance to complete one season before getting axed.

Alan, I saw a little bit of one of the later episodes of The insider’s guide to happiness, but was somewhat irked by the Buddhist monks.

I saw one episode of Freaks and geeks, and wouldn’t mind seeing more to get a proper feel of it. It was quite strange seeing Claudia Christian out of uniform, but she appears to be in only a couple of episodes.

Posted by: Jamie on August 18, 2004 22:51+12:00