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IPA Zounds 1.6 released

I have just released version 1.6 of IPA Zounds. This version adds basic support for syllable breaks (only as marked via ., not via stress markers, for example) and fixes some encoding issues with the error messages.

Those of you following along will have noticed that there hasn’t been a Windows executable available since version 1.4.1. Even though most of the potential users for this program would most appreciate, and quite possibly only use, such an executable, I have no intention of ever using Windows again if I can avoid it, even just for the task of building that one file.

Sadly this current release is untested when it comes to the GUI, since my version of wxPython was compiled against a version of libtiff which has been obsoleted in Debian, and I can’t yet face recompiling it, given the anguish of previous attempts. Of course this is also the release that I am about to announce to the world in a conlang forum, so what’s the bet it doesn’t work, despite my changing almost nothing in it?

Posted by jamie on August 14, 2004 13:34+12:00