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Syllables are hard

Today I hacked on IPA Zounds, adding in basic support for syllable break marks (inconveniently the full stop character, which of course needs to be escaped in regular expression contexts). This is quite different from proper support of syllables, of course, but is perhaps a step in that direction.

Of course I realised as I worked on this that as soon as I want to implement stress markers in even the most cosmetic fashion, I will have to completely change how I’ve implemented the syllable break, because stress markers are also used to mark syllable breaks. Still, I was reasonably pleased that the work I had to do today didn’t involve lots of trying to figure out inscrutable code, which bodes well for future refactoring.

In other news Wordhoard, a quick and dirty online vocabulary tester that I wrote, is up and running, with a couple of quizzes for Old English/Modern English. There are a number of shortcomings that I am aware of (God having to be god for one), and probably many others I am not — I would definitely appreciate feedback on it.

Posted by jamie on August 8, 2004 21:57+12:00