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Young people aren’t a group

Three adolescents, sitting at the back of the bus, started examining the graffiti written on one of the seats. “What is this?” “It could be a backwards ‘r’ with a random line.” “Yeah.” “Or an ‘a’ with a random line.” “Yeah.” “Or a ‘p’ with a random line.” “*makes scoffing noise*” “Heck, it could be anything; he’s just made stuff up!”

Posted by jamie on June 5, 2004 15:49+12:00


To me the astonishing thing is you heard someone actually say "Heck".

Posted by: stephen on June 7, 2004 21:51+12:00

Sadly, I can’t swear to “Heck” being used — the quotes are recreations rather than verbatim (though the shape descriptions are accurate). I thought at the time that it would have been good to have a notebook and pencil with me.

Posted by: Jamie on June 8, 2004 09:48+12:00