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IPA Zounds 1.5 released

I have just released IPA Zounds version 1.5. This release adds i18n support, and an incomplete Dutch translation, as well as a few fixes and improvements. This release is source only; no Windows binary has been provided (and probably won’t ever be).

The i18n support was really due to me wanting to play with this aspect of coding, rather than from any belief that it will prove useful to anyone (given that I have no evidence that the program itself has yet proved useful to anyone, such a belief would be misguided). I think I am doing it correctly, more or less, but it would be nice to know for sure. I had great difficulty finding any actual Python code using gettext, however, so I could be off base in some particulars (primarily around determining where to find the translation files; there isn’t much else the programmer has to do).

Posted by jamie on June 4, 2004 19:50+12:00