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Today the War History Project was officially launched. This project is the digitisation of all fifty volumes of the Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939–1945. I understand that there may be some issues with the project pages on Macs (CSS trouble), which I would be grateful to hear about, and there may still be some anomalies in the texts themselves. The fact that there are currently only forty-five volumes online is not, however, a mistake — five volumes have copyright issues until next year.

The project pages mark the first time I’ve used CSS absolute positioning, and in a way which (I believe, but see above) doesn’t break anything. I had been sceptical that this was possible, but the marching soldiers effect that occurs when decreasing and increasing the width of a browser window has convinced me.

Posted by jamie on May 26, 2004 21:46+12:00


Again, it looks great and renders fast.

There's a typo on your "About" page though: "Tehcnical".

Posted by: stephen on May 27, 2004 12:02+12:00

Thanks, and the typo is now fixed (having been spotted by someone else at work as well).

There is still plenty more work to be done on the texts: adding more metadata, primarily, but hopefully also adding fuller markup of names.

Posted by: Jamie on May 30, 2004 15:07+12:00