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So, there was the obligatory downtime when moving house (and server) and waiting for appropriate cables to be installed. Then there were sporadic power-downs due to really bad wiring in the house. Then there were power-downs due to electrical fires and electricians pulling out power-cords to see what was going on. Then we started using a firewall which was unreliable (it would work for about fifteen minutes at a time, before needing to be rebooted). On replacing that with the old firewall, it was discovered that the heavy rains had gotten into the place where the box was stored, and the CPU was fried and the disk drive was dodgy. After long struggles with crap firewall software, there is now a new firewall and it only remains for faults in the cable service to provide downtime. That and the work on fixing the wiring in the house, which happens this week and next.

And as I write this, I note that the cable service has gone down again (shortly after I got everything back up and running after it went down last night). I think it will only take another couple of years for me to turn totally into Catweazle.

Posted by jamie on February 26, 2004 10:00+13:00