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Those of you who read this blog because I write it, rather than because you’re interested in the various arcana, lamentations over technology, and cave trolling I post, are invited to a picnic next Saturday (24 January) at the Soundshell in the Botanic Gardens, from 12:30.

Posted by jamie on January 18, 2004 10:40+13:00


Would love to be there :/ Instead I will be having snow fights in New York (it's was -18oC here this week!)

Posted by: Shaun on January 19, 2004 11:16+13:00

Oh stink. I only read irregularly (not just you - most blogs) so only saw this today. Never mind, I was sick yesterday anyway. Hope you had fun.

Posted by: Fi on January 25, 2004 22:33+13:00

That would have been fun. Only got back from the north last night, though. Nothing like a good picnic.

Posted by: brendon on January 26, 2004 12:28+13:00