The assorted finds of Artefact Publishing


This evening I came across Drift, a Python script which:

simulates language generation. Using a set of phonemes (simple IPA symbols, syllable formats, root-form descriptions, sound laws, a word list and a timeline for the insertion of alien material, this application simulates the genesis and the aging of a language.

Naturally this got my attention, and I just might create my own lexicon generator, using IPA Zounds as the sound change engine. I’ve been hankering after a programming project since I finished IPA Zounds (maintenance doesn’t count), and not of the XSLT sort, which is what I am currently doing at NZETC — not that I don’t enjoy that sort of thing, but transforming documents isn’t the same as generating something wholly new.

It occurs to me, though, that I have yet to actually use IPA Zounds, so perhaps I should start writing software that I will use, rather than that I want to use (the two being worlds apart).

But none of that is really the point. It’s interesting to observe that I am at a low ebb in terms of being inspired to work on projects. One of the Nobilis PBeMs I am in seems to have died, while I seem to be the most enthusiastic player in the other. I prefer to have other people around me coming up with great stuff so that I am inspired and can add my own slant on things. I seem to do that better than coming up with material from nothing — I’ve run out of steam on the wiki for that game because I don’t have anything new to organize, assimilate and add to. I think this is also why I find it so hard to prepare for my tabletop Nobilis game, and why having Svend as creative consultant is so helpful.

Posted by jamie on November 14, 2003 22:02+13:00