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Finally wrapped in Cocoon

After much fluffing around, reading inadequate and out of date documentation, not reading adequate and relevant documentation I didn’t realise bore on the issues at hand, and generally restarting Apache Tomcat until it behaved as I wished, I now have a working installation of Apache Cocoon. I approve, though it has had the effect of encouraging me to try building a Unicode-enabled version of wxPython.

I’ve done this before, and it wasn’t the most fun I’ve had. In fact, I’ve done it since then, too, and that was worse. You see, Python 2.2 doesn’t recognise some Unicode characters which I added to IPA Zounds (namely the extended parentheses and square brackets in the range U+239B to U+23A6) — I don’t know why, since there’re not new and they’re not special. In any case, Python 2.3 does know about them, so I needed to build a Python 2.3 version of wxPython, and I couldn’t. It just would not compile. So now I’m having another shot, with a newer version, and I can already see a miasma of frustration heading my way.

If I’m lucky, I will be able to once again use my own program on my preferred OS.

Update, six hours later: it’s compiled, it works, and it took six hours of building and rebuilding. Some of it was my fault.

Posted by jamie on November 13, 2003 10:24+13:00


Yeah but was it fun?

Posted by: Sue on November 13, 2003 23:01+13:00

Actually, no. It’s great that I can now run my program, but the whole experience was an exercise in frustration and an opportunity to practice swearing. I may suggest emendations to the wxPython build documentation, though, which would be another good thing to come out of the pain, torment and anguish.

Posted by: Jamie on November 14, 2003 06:40+13:00

Congratulations on getting Cocoon working. Feel free to drop by the user list and participate and ask questions if you have any. There's a very healthy community of users and developers.

Posted by: Tony on November 15, 2003 09:53+13:00

Thanks for the welcome, Tony. And I notice that someone may be working on my first annoyance with Cocoon: the lack of support for the XSLT unparsed-entity-uri function. I spent some time at work yesterday lamenting the fact that it kept returning an empty string.

Posted by: Jamie on November 15, 2003 10:22+13:00