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Everywhere Nobilis

Last night I played in a one-shot Nobilis LARP. This was great fun and included a lovely moment when the angelic powers proposed a scheme to the Cammoran agent which was exactly the plan she had intended to carry out on her own. Scary not just for the convergence of individual trains of thought and action, but for the alliance this entailed.

I am also playing in a second Nobilis PBeM. It has only just begun, but already I am finding that the associated wiki is a potentially invaluable resource, and that it takes a fair bit of effort to keep it up to date and well cross-referenced. The effort will hopefully be distributed throughout the players; my fear is that this may trigger my control-freak tendencies and send me scurrying to ‘fix’ things. Already I have naming conventions, a general organisational scheme, and the like; I’m hoping to hold off on fiddling with the HTML for as long as possible.

Posted by jamie on November 9, 2003 12:01+13:00