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End work, start work

Having sat my exam this morning — in which the phrase “I wrote a lot of great stuff about this in my first essay” cropped up a number of times — I have finished my courses. On Monday I start work at the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre, doing electronic publishing type stuff. I wanted a job there after reading that they used Apache Cocoon, since I’ve wanted to play with that for years, without having any project which needed it. Plus I may get paid to put the finishing touches on the Old English/Modern English wordlists, which would be nice (this is the project that I used as part of my course work; if I get paid for it too, then I’ll really be in the situation of doing for money what I would do for free).

So, time for me to dive into those parts of TEI Guidelines that I am not particularly familiar with. That would be great chunks of it, since I have tended to use Docbook for my XML texts. Apparently the two may become somewhat compatible in future.

Posted by jamie on November 1, 2003 16:22+13:00