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Any translators about?

Having written a packaging script for IPA Zounds, so that I wouldn’t make silly mistakes like not checking that the release passes all the unit tests, I wanted to use it for real, which requires significantly changing the code. Given that my todo list consists of three items, one of which I have decided should be removed and one of which I now don’t understand (and people think I have a good memory), the only thing to do was internationalise the program.

That is now done for the ipa and zounds modules, barring yet more Unicode encoding/decoding issues. Once those are fixed, I’ll have… well, not a lot more than I had before really, because it will all still be available only in English. So if anyone out there wants to translate a few dozen short strings into another language, I would be most grateful — and if that language uses a non-Roman script, I would be even more grateful. (Yes, I lied when I used that superlative back there.)

Posted by jamie on October 25, 2003 18:18+13:00