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And now it’s readable, too

Ah, the joys of user feedback. After a number of people downloaded the PDF of my Tolkien essay (and possibly even tried reading it), Michael kindly informed me that the thing was nearly unreadable — due to the fonts, rather than the writing. I have now fixed this problem, and the file linked to above should be a thing of beauty, except for the thorns and eths, which don’t occur in the Type1 font. For those characters, a bitmap is used instead, apparently, and it shows.

Did I not check the PDF myself before putting it up on the web? Of course, but the two viewers I used (xpdf and gpdf) both showed it to be okay (well, it looked a bit odd, and for some reason gpdf even now doesn’t want to display the ff ligature, while xpdf is fine with it). But with Adobe's Acrobat Reader, it was a poor showing indeed.

All’s well that ends better.

Posted by jamie on October 17, 2003 16:09+13:00