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Career planning

In the last few weeks a number of people, including two academics, have told me that I would do well in academia and might want to think about doing that whole thesis thing, with a view to finding a position on the retirement of the baby boomer generation.


There’s a lot to be said for this, given a good supervisor. On the other hand, it would require me to find something that I was interested in writing something substantive about for several years. Nothing yet springs to mind — there are plenty of things I am sufficiently interested in that I could study them for years, but I don’t know enough to write anything about them (even given the obvious fact that one learns about one’s topic while writing the thesis).

So next year I intend to study Beowulf and Old Norse, with perhaps a helping of Indian philosophy and/or a whole bunch of other interesting stuff, and see where I am then.

My ideal situation is one where a number of my interests converge, or at least have the opportunity to mingle: teaching, studying, programming, publishing. Given the things I want to study, that pretty much means hanging around a university, and even if I don’t become a full-fledged academic, having the qualifications to become one can’t hurt.

Ooh, how I love that word 'qualifications'. Now I’m going to wait for someone to mention Mythesis.

Posted by jamie on October 15, 2003 19:51+13:00