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Quotation marks in CSS

When I started using typographically correct punctuation on this site, I mentioned languages and quotation marks. Well, I didn’t know what I was talking about: I had failed to notice the lang pseudo-class selector in CSS2, which handles inheritance of language values.

Not only that, but I had also missed the section on quotation marks, which defines a quotes property for specifying quotation marks. It doesn’t do anything that my current stylesheet isn’t doing, but it does allow one to add an abstraction layer between specifying what should come before and after a quotation and the actual characters in question — this is a blessing when dealing with different quotation marks for different languages. And it all even works in Mozilla Firebird (and presumably all other Gecko-based browsers).

So, I shall now go and modify my stylesheet and, most likely, make things even worse for most people reading this site.

Posted by jamie on October 11, 2003 21:22+13:00