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IPA Zounds version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 of IPA Zounds has been released and is available for download. The version corrects Docbook validation errors in the documentation XML files. The only code change is to the script which generates some of those documentation files.

In related news, I have started looking at having a PDF version of the documentation included in the distribution. Preliminary playing around reveals that the large table of binary features for each IPA character is going to require tweaks to the Docbook stylesheets and fonts may be difficult (I’m shocked!).

Posted by jamie on October 3, 2003 21:16+12:00


Hi Jamie,

I'm very pleased to report that when I selected a proper Unicode font, IPA Zounds 1.2 worked beautifully (or at least looked very pretty :-) on my WinXP partition.

Posted by: michael on October 17, 2003 21:12+13:00


I don’t know how much more work I’ll do on the program — while there are things left on my todo list, there’s nothing really important (the rule builder is something better handled by the user’s own favourite Unicode-aware text editor). I may then need to move on to some other programming project — any suggestions?

Posted by: Jamie on October 18, 2003 09:32+13:00