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Proving the point

I am now in a position to provide evidence in support of David’s view of bits of academia. Those who are interested can now read my essay on the twin motifs of melting blades and perilous fluids in The Lord of the Rings and Beowulf. The original LaTeX source files are also available. Be warned that the essay is intentionally irritating in its geekery (though I could have made it much worse). I am still a little sad that I didn’t manage to justify that appendix on the contagion of grimmr, but I’ll get over it.

Posted by jamie on October 2, 2003 17:44+12:00


Hideous rendering of the fonts in the PDF file. Did you use pdflatex, or dvips? If the latter, did you forget to do the magic

dvips -Ppdf -G0


Posted by: Michael Norrish on October 16, 2003 17:59+13:00

I used dvipdfm. Using your dvips command to get a PostScript file suitable for conversion to PDF produces a file which gpdf doesn’t like. However, using xpdf it does seem that the text is slightly heavier than that using dvipdfm. I have replaced the file with the one created with dvips and ps2pdf14; can you check it out and see if it is any better please?

Posted by: Jamie on October 16, 2003 18:21+13:00