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Dictionaries and a neologism

I have started researching for my essay in the Tolkien and medieval literature course. This is interesting and fun, but has pointed out a failing in both my own book collection and the university library: a lack of Old English and Old Norse dictionaries that I can use at home. Thankfully there is the glossary in E.V. Gordon’s An Introduction to Old Norse, and an online version of Geir Zoega’s A Concise dictionary of Old Icelandic, and there appears to be a lot of vocabulary help in George Jack’s Beowulf : a Student edition. So really, I guess, I have nothing to complain about, unless it may be that I miss the detail of the OED or Monier-Williams’s Sanskrit–English dictionary. I’d be interested to see the ways grimmr has been used, for example.

I came across the following word in a description of a really poor roleplaying session, describing one of the silly characters: überbarian. I laughed for some time.

Posted by jamie on August 15, 2003 18:04+12:00