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Many years ago I took a couple of cartography courses at Victoria University of Wellington (this was back in the days when they had separate courses for cartography; I believe that they are now integrated into other Geography papers). The lecturer was wonderful, it was fun playing with aerial photographs, and some of the projects the students did were amazing.

Sadly, the courses didn’t include being taught how to draw, shade, etc — not the fault of the courses, obviously, but sad for me because I haven’t learnt those skills anywhere else either. This has led to not embarking on a number of maps which would require competency in those skills, which is silly since I both enjoy making maps and recognise that I’ll get better if I practice.

Yesterday I got my hands on some A3 and larger sized OHP film so that I could continue with the map for my Nobilis game (which still doesn’t have a website — my excuse is that it would mostly consist of funny quotes from the Power of Fear). I am using the transparencies to work in layers, and am currently working on a contour layer. Once that’s done, I shall be able to definitively answer the question of just when the sun first hits Fear’s attic window in summer. Yes, that is important to know; this is the game in which near gods sit around drinking coffee for half of the daylight hours.

Posted by jamie on July 30, 2003 09:54+12:00