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What with looking again over Mark Rosenfelder's Virtual Verduria (his fictional world), releasing IPA Zounds, and studying Tolkien and Old English, I am keen to do some world and language creation of my own. I have said this before, and done little about it, and the same possibly applies now. After all, I have Tolkien and Old English to study and a Nobilis game to run.

Actually, some of my world building enthusiasm can go towards the Nobilis game. I have a map to draw of the PCs’ chancel, and am looking around for different approaches for it (I’m leaning towards contours with colouring to denote surface features, largely because I don’t have the skills for a good shading job). However, it’s not the sort of game that would benefit from developing languages and so forth (though it would be fun to take a brief look at the Nahuatl/Latin cross that will appear in the next session).

In minimally related news, I have added two of my Changeling: the Dreaming sites (the Database Registry and the Dreaming Web) to a webring. I have always been suspicious of webrings, for a number of reasons, but in this case two common problems are not present: the need for one or more webring graphics, and broken/invalid webring code/markup. It may be that I repent of the notion, but for now it may serve to bring some good material to the attention of those who would be interested in it, and that must be a good thing.

Posted by jamie on July 20, 2003 11:43+12:00