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Wellington’s bypass

Iona writes about Wellington's proposed bypass and mentions New City Spaces by Jan Gehl. For those interested in sane approaches to developing built spaces, I recommend immersing oneself in the books of Christopher Alexander (the books are much better than that website). I also found Howard Davis’ The Culture of building an interesting read.

What continues to astonish and sadden me about the proposed Wellington bypass is just how anyone can support it. How can the dubious appeal of a few minutes less travel time each day (I say dubious because those reductions may not happen — roads produce traffic — and because I suspect the problem(s) lying behind the need for speed is not going to be solved by the bypass) overcome the obvious drawbacks to the scheme. It’s another road, another piece of land made unusable except by motorised vehicles, another disruption to the connections between people and places in Wellington.

Posted by jamie on July 2, 2003 17:02+12:00


anyone who supports the bypass is seriously totally destroy the heart of wellington for some concrete monstrosity that will be totally redundant in 20 years or less, as soon as petrol is too expensive to validate frequent car usage,for a mere few minites saved time is an absolute trajedy. i hang out in cuba st all the time, and hate to think of sitting in my favourite cafe with a 6 metre high concrete noise barrier right outside the the pain really worth the gain? i think not. keri prendergast however seems prepared to waste $38.9 million on it, $38.9m that could instead be put into creating community asssets, and improving public transport, for all those people sensible enough not to always use a car. this atrocity must be stopped!

Posted by: ana on August 4, 2004 21:47+12:00

No one gives a stuff - unless it's in your backyard. Te Aro will loose that special spark ; one of Wellingtons' crown jewels . . . think about it ! What other city in New Zealand has such a historical precinct,streetscape and human vibe !! Do we all want this glossy, 'modern' idea of Wellington. Imagine the cheap, clinical looking architecture that will follow. All the glass, aluminium flashing, towering structures that will kill any sun from basking this beautiful spot ; and where the sun don't shine nothing grows - right ! Does Lambton Quay have this vital energy ? - only one of many reasons. I feel for the residents of Te Aro ... how would we all feel is our dear neighbourhoods were robbed of all the spirit, ambience, the look we like, what makes us want to enjoy LIFE here. This place resonates with more than others, but many all the same. WE ARE a sad bunch not to contemplate the loss - or have it aired through a better media to understand the issues. What are you planning to do with your extra 1.5 minutes after the road has finished ?! Maybe you should save them and cash-in on a traffic jam - ha - bad joke. Make love for a little longer ? I'm a resident from Lower Hutt but the Te Aro area stirs the soul like no other place can. Thanks for nothing Kerry Prendergast,Transit. Boquets to all the protestors, CBC, The Greens, the other (ignored) road engineers that shared their better analysis and judgement on the BIGGER PICTURE. Have we lost that warm side of humanity that comes with community -

Posted by: John on January 16, 2005 03:29+13:00