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Wandering through literature

I᾿ve just finished reading Homer’s Odyssey (as translated by Robert Fagles). I am looking forward to reading the introduction by Bernard Knox, who wrote so wonderfully on Aeschylus’ Oresteia that I was an immediate believer in its greatness.

Since I don’t know ancient Greek, I can’t comment on the translation qua translation, but I can say that I found the text easy to read and pleasant to speak aloud.

Following this, I have another reread scheduled (help me, I’m turning into my brother!), Beowulf. I may however get drawn off into any of the other books on my list, of which there are many. (Interestingly enough, I think that all of them are written by dead white men, except for those written by living white men.)

Posted by jamie on July 2, 2003 16:21+12:00