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IPA Zounds released

Finally, it is done. IPA Zounds is released into the world. There is still work to be done, of course — before I announce the software to the conlang community, I want to build a Windows executable so that non-techies don’t have to download and install anything else.

So, having spent about a month on this project, what do I do once the executable is done? Well, there is a list of things to do for the next version, some of which have the potential to be interesting (some display matters, UI design of a rule and word builder, and internationalization). I may put the program to use for a long-standing (and long neglected) world-building project. I may do unrelated things, perhaps even projects which don’t involve computers.

Posted by jamie on June 25, 2003 13:13+12:00


Just downloaded it and got it to run.

I clicked at things pretty much at random until something happened (your installation instructions should say how to start things up; I eventually double-clicked ipagui and it seemed to do something good, but it would have been nice to have been told that this was what I was upposed to do).

Anyway I'm afraid that the screens were awfully mangled with boxes for many symbols, and no nice Unicode symbols. I definitely downloaded the wxPython with Unicode file too.

And I thought WinXP came with Unicode for sure.

Posted by: michael on June 26, 2003 19:41+12:00

I shall add start-up instructions to the README file; an obvious thing to do! I had considered that what was there would be sufficient, combined with the more detailed information in the manual.

With regards to fonts, it’s mentioned on both the website and in the manual that you must install an IPA Unicode font in order to see useful characters (there are links given in the manual to some). Should I mention this in the README also? The Unicode support in wxPython and the operating system is necessary for dealing with Unicode strings; displaying them requires a suitable font.

Posted by: Jamie on June 26, 2003 23:27+12:00

I think saying that you also need the font would be a good thing to have on the instruction page. I think you really do need to hold people's hands as much as possible. Look, for example, at the hand-holding we attempt to provide for HOL users at

Also putting the IPA font links front the manual on the installation instruction page would definitely be a good idea!

I understand why I saw what I did now anyway. Thanks.

Posted by: Michael on June 27, 2003 12:11+12:00

I have updated the download page to make it (hopefully abundantly) clear that fonts are both needed and not part of the download, and how to get started.

I’ve also updated the user manual, triflingly. Now I can sit back and wait for the bug reports to roll in — two people besides yourself have downloaded it so far, according to the logs.

Posted by: Jamie on June 27, 2003 13:25+12:00