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Remember how I was impatient with Unicode issues in software? How I said that once I’d resolved the issue of no Unicode support in the Debian GNU/Linux stable version of wxPython, I’d probably face font issues? Well, would that I had reached the stage of having font problems! (Except on my gnome-terminals, which suddenly changed to having unreadable fonts.) The saga goes something like this:

I try to get a bigger drive bay to put in a second hard disk, on which I will install the unstable Debian distribution. They don’t sell them separately from the cases, so instead I get a couple of bits of metal and some screws. With a bit of shoving, this fits, but the disk pokes out enough that the cover doesn’t go on, so I forego having the screw holes line up (and consequently foregoing using screws). I install unstable, and am horrified at Gnome2’s reincarnating desktop icons. I install the unstable wxPython packages, and learn that they aren’t compiled with Unicode support. I download the source package, change configuration options, and build my own packages.

At this point, my stupidity takes over for a while. I compile, it fails with an error after some thirty minutes, I get worried, and then discover that I’ve missed something in the configuration file, which I then change and run the build again. Repeat four or five times, with the amount of time before the build dies increasing each time. Finally I get to the point where it doesn’t look like a configuration problem, it looks like a brokenness I can’t do anything about. I email the Debian developer who looks after the package. The mail is not delivered. I subscribe to the wx-users mailing list, a process involving far too many emails, and send off my message. I get a bounce message, and the wx-users archive shows two copies of my message. No one (yet) replies.

I decide to just compile the thing from source, into its normal (non-Debian package) form. In fact, it’s just now finished compiling, and guess what? It works, and I don’t seem to have font issues! So I guess I can stop being frustrated.

Posted by jamie on June 11, 2003 17:54+12:00


You are on the bleeding edge.

(Said to the cadence of "You are the weakest link", except that the former has one too many syllables. Sigh :-)

Posted by: Michael on June 12, 2003 14:20+12:00