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The Candlestickmaker

Last night I went to see The Candlestickmaker. This is the second play in a loose trilogy, of which I have also seen the third, The Pickle king. This time Jacob Rajan was the sole actor (though not the only performer), and the mask changing took place frequently and, for the most part, in plain sight. I was impressed by his ability to make an instant switch into another character, both in terms of posture and bearing and also in accent. The puppeteering of Kate Parker was marvellous. It was nice to have no backstage to speak of, with all the ropes and tricks on display throughout.

As with The Pickle king the set up in the first half was better than the payoff in the second. Both halves were excellent, however, and I hope that they bring back the first play, Krishnan’s dairy so I can see that one too.

Finally, they played Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan before the show, and during the intermission. Nice.

Posted by jamie on May 30, 2003 17:34+12:00


I liked the duck.

Posted by: iona on May 31, 2003 00:05+12:00