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Roll on the day when Unicode/UTF-8 is a given in OSs and applications, and everything just works. The GUI for IPA Zounds is currently suffering from the fact that the version of wxPython in Debian GNU/Linux stable doesn’t have Unicode support, and so dies on any non-ASCII character. (I’ve decided not to use Tkinter, and so far my experience with wxPython has not been too bad.)

I suspect that once I’ve resolved that issue, I’ll face font problems. Ideally, I won’t have to do anything in order for the application to display the correct IPA characters, assuming that the machine it is running on has those characters in one or more of its installed fonts. But will this actually be the case? Mozilla seems to manage to find necessary characters from different fonts, but I want that effect without any programming or specifying on my part. I have enough difficulties with font selection as a user, let alone when dealing with other people’s setups!

As an aside, the nice people at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria have updated their Unicode IPA chart so that it uses the correct diacritic character to mark retraction. I’m glad I was helpful.

Posted by jamie on May 27, 2003 15:02+12:00