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Forbidden things from Beyond Creation

I came across the following humourous (yet accurate) description of The Apple’s Vault PBeM, written by one of the players, Tony:

We gathered our folks in the Apple Vault, where the most forbidden of forbidden things are stored. Two of us went out to get yet another forbidden thing, because we had not yet reached a critical mass where our destruction was assured. After we got that, and hid it with all the other deathly secrets, we had some guests come over, to give us yet another forbidden thing. Some of the forbidden things started to work their way free. Our guests squabbled. We squabbled. The elements of earth and sky squabbled. My character preened, because everyone was (he thought) squabbling over him. Jim’s character agonized, because everyone was (he thought) squabbling because of things he’d done wrong. Paul’s character flitted from one group to the next, because he thought he could stop the squabbling. Nick’s character chased sunbeams, because he’s a CAT.

Sadly my character doesn’t get a mention, since I wasn’t around to be involved in any squabbling.

Posted by jamie on May 1, 2003 10:18+12:00