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Monastic reading list

Here’s a sample of what I read during my stay at Wat Pah Nanachat. I’ve omitted most of the Buddhist books simply because I don’t have much to say about them.

[Entry edited on 1 May 2003 to add rendering of ghazal in Arabic script. I don’t know how to write Arabic, so used the Unicode characters used on a sample ghazal. I don’t know if the fact that that page is in Urdu and not Arabic means that its form of the word is written differently. From the little I’ve read, the vowel markers were not historically used in Arabic. I would prefer to use the standard Unicode Arabic characters, rather than the presentation forms that I’ve copied, since that leaves the determination of different forms to the rendering engine, but there may be spacing requirements I’m unaware of that need to be specified by the author. Probably I shouldn’t even include the copied character references until I fully understand the complexities of writing Arabic, but I can’t resist.]

Posted by jamie on April 24, 2003 09:43+12:00