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Artefact lost in the jungle

I am leaving New Zealand on 24 December 2002 for Thailand. There I intend to join a วัด (wat: monastery). How long I shall be there, I do not know; much depends on whether I decide to be ordained.

What this means for Artefact Publishing is uncertain. If I am gone only a matter of a few months, the sites I host and administer should tick along fine with a temporary guardian. Longer than that, I cannot say. Certainly I will not be doing any remote administration, including writing this blog.

Posted by jamie on November 26, 2002 10:33+13:00


Yay! Hurray for going away and not knowing when you're coming back! There's not enough of that these days. Three cheers, and bon voyage!

Posted by: Jeremy on December 23, 2002 13:58+13:00