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HTML is not semantically rich

Ian Hickson has issued a challenge for semantically rich, valid weblogs. A nice exercise, and I like his militant attitude towards broken browsers (I am interested in what he thinks is right solution to the JavaScript MIME type issue). However, I think the words semantically rich are a little strong. Certainly, relative to the mass of HTML, he may find sites with more extensive use of meaningful markup, but HTML simply doesn’t have the vocabulary for truly rich semantic markup.

This is an old complaint, I know, and there is no simple solution to the problem. Would that HTML had started life as DocBook (I’m aware that HTML is older than DocBook). I do not believe this would have been an impediment to the ability of people to write web pages (and if it would have been, would that have been a bad thing?).

Posted by jamie on November 19, 2002 10:48+13:00