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I was reminded today of a project of mine from what feels like long ago (lo, seven years past!). Mythesis was the title I gave to my master’s thesis, a hypertextual examination of the role of qualifications in mediæval education and a map of my thoughts on modern education and whatever else seemed to be related. I never finished Mythesis, instead wandering off overseas to visit friends, and I doubt it would have survived prolonged contact with those who decide whether something is in fact a master’s thesis. That said, one of my Latin lecturers did mark my essay on Livy which took the form of a taped conversation with Jeremy, complete with music and accompanied by a glass jar filled with the ashes of all my school records. I can’t help but admire his willingness to fit it into the system, even though I find that system largely misguided.

In any case, Mythesis died. Occasionally one friend or another will bring it up, and say I should finish it, and I’m momentarily astonished. It’s an attractive idea: Mythesis was conceived as a fusion of the personal and the academic, a combination that still appeals as one way to make academia appealing to me. Is that simply an admission that what I have studied interests me not primarily for what it is? I don’t know; I think that when it comes to creating something (such as an essay), I am not be satisfied by a purely academic approach, though I am able to study in such a manner. I am planning to take a course or two at university next year, so I may learn more then. But whatever I learn, I doubt I shall revisit Mythesis, except in memory.

Posted by jamie on November 3, 2002 15:40+13:00