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The Pickle King

Last night I went with Jeremy and Anna to see The Pickle king. It is an excellent play, funny and thoughtful, and I would gladly see it again.

There is a magical quality to live theatre that is compelling: every time I go to a concert or a play, I resolve to go to such performances more frequently. In theatre, more so than in (classical) concerts, it is clear to everyone that what is happening is an act of creation, unique as all such acts are. The spirit of the performance is only truly apprehended by those immediately engaged in the performance, which includes the audience.

I can only imagine how intense it must be for the actors to have created, prepared for and performed this show, wherein each actor plays multiple parts, distinguished by costume and masks and, of course, everything involved in acting. How wonderful it must be to be involved in such a project!

Regarding the masks and multiple parts per actor, I think this play (and, presumably, the earlier plays in the trilogy which I sadly missed) demonstrates that these factors are no great impediment to distinctive and powerful characterisations. If only more productions of ancient Greek theatre would come to Wellington.

Posted by jamie on October 31, 2002 18:45+13:00