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No interim measures

Overheard today:

Guy 1―And the stereo got nicked. He’d left the doors unlocked.

Guy 2―Tsk tsk tsk.

It made me realise, once again, just how we accept a certain reality and change our actions and judgments based on that. The accepted reality in this instance is that theft will occur if one does not take precautions, and that it is therefore reasonable to blame in part the victim of the theft if s/he does not take those precautions. (This sort of thinking underlies the entire insurance industry, of course.)

Live as though the day were here, as Nietzsche apparently said (found quoted in Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a thousand faces). Is it reasonable to expect the world to become a place where locking doors is not considered necessary to prevent theft, if we keep our doors locked? It’s an interim measure, I hear some of you cry (others think, no doubt, that the world will never become such a place, irrespective of what we do). But interim measures are never interim, in my experience. Rather, they come to be considered, if they are any good at all, the solution to the problem — and if they aren’t any good, a new interim measure is put in its place.

This is why the first principle of Artefact Publishing is to do the right thing, from the beginning. Address the real problem, and work to fix it, and do not be distracted from this by any meantimes.

Posted by jamie on October 17, 2002 18:38+13:00