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Changeling Register Update

The next incarnation of the Changeling: the Dreaming Database Registry is slowly coming together. There is a basic framework in place which separates the presentation (currently HTML templates) from the dynamic content generation logic (figuring out what is needed) from the database work (getting the content). The database schema is unfinished, but I believe I know how to best capture everything — at some point I shall write up some documentation of why it is the way it is. Not only is it fundamental to being able to use and understand the application, but it’s a reflection of my views on Changeling metaphysics. In the absence of a publicly available Dreaming Web, this would be the only place to find out about the fundamental nature of my Changeling universe.

There’s still much to do, of course. There’s a potentially large amount of information which is associated with, for example, a single changeling, and just finding ways to clearly present this information may be challenging. I’m also convinced that a web interface is not going to cut it for adding and modifying content. The nature of the thing (particularly making HTTP requests to do anything) makes it unsuited to quickly associating an arbitrary number of pieces of information with each other. For example, a changeling may have sworn thirty oaths in its lifetime, lived in numerous freeholds, been lord to several other changelings, etc etc.

The documentation is definitely needed!

[Edit on October 14 2002: There is now some schema documentation available.]

Posted by jamie on October 11, 2002 17:26+13:00